Le Chic

Le Chic

Le Chic is an international wholesale and retail fashion brand that was started by CEO & Founder, Joanna Stangreciak, during her last year at FIDM in Los Angeles. What first began as a very successful school project in her brand image class, later turned into a personalized compilation of unique, timeless accessories that has received positive recognition worldwide.

The “AHA” moment of Le Chic initially stemmed from and was inspired by the recession close to 2010 when the fashion industry was at its worst and many known companies were going out of business. That’s when Joanna realized the modern woman’s style evolved into investing in affordable, high quality, eternal styles that are practical for most occasions rather than splurging on special occasion pieces that can be worn to just one special event. This concept in accessory buying currently remains consistent, as it will for Le Chic.

Formerly an exclusive online jewelry company, Le Chic branched out into a diverse accessory base including shoes, evening bags, and a designer clothing line by Nathalie Kraynina that was only available publicly to online consumers. However, with the growth of popularity and recognition of exceptional accessory styles offered, Le Chic greatly expanded into a successful wholesale brand as well as a retailer to 3rd party retailers. Over time, online retailers and boutiques part of this expanded customer base, includes Beyond the Rack, Zulily, Loehmann’s, Fred Segal, etc.

Le Chic’s accessories have established positive feedback and appreciation through several known networks such as: The Wendy Williams Show, Elle Magazine - Bulgaria, Grazia Magazine, Fashion TV, Zooey Magazine. Many of the exceptional accessories by Le Chic have been used to accessorize or have been donated to notable charities nationwide in New York City, Washington D.C., and Chicago, which makes our styles even more special.

With the relaunch of Le Chic in 2015, even more accessories and categories are readily available to our customers than ever before. From watches, to scarves to U.S. based accessory designers, and a modernized, personally customized website including an extremely easy checkout process, online shopping has never been more chic, enjoyable, and personalized for each and every customer, both retail and wholesale. The concept and philosophy behind the Le Chic brand remains the same, where most styles are practical for most occasions and there is an accessory for every kind of woman of all ages and races.

Made In: United States

Shipped From: United States

Lead Time: 3 - 4 days